AEON Cinema in Fukushima City

I went to the movie theater near our house today.  I did not go there to watch a movie–I went to buy something called a “Mae Uri Ken”   前売り券




Can you guess what I was buying?

(Answer later in the post!)

We have two movie theaters in Fukushima City, both near my home.  This one, however, seems to me be very much American in style (whereas the other one is less so.)

Ahh…popcorn, dim lighting with bright neon piping, movie posters!    Smells like America…!

Here is the concession stand–perhaps the only place in Fukushima City where one can purchase nachos.

Where one watches the movies…..

That movie poster in the photo is for the recent movie King Arthur:  Legend of the Sword.

It opened in America on May 12, 2017 and in the U.K. May 19, 2017.  As you can see on the poster, it won’t open in Japan until June 17 of 2017.

Most foreign movies in Japan open after they originally opened in their native countries.  Not always, but usually.  So that means that people in the States will already have seen an American movie, whereas I may have to wait a few months to see the same movie in Japan.

Not all movies are foreign, though–of course!  Japan makes a lot of movies…most of which never make it to other countries.

Looks so Japanese to me!  (And you can see “Mae Uri Ken” in kanji on this poster.)

This is an upcoming movie made by former Ghibli people.  It looks good!

A movie about a mermaid–it is currently playing.  I really wanted to see this, but it is already out and almost completing its run so I won’t have time.  (Oh heck, I’ll just see it on DVD later on in the year.)

This Pocket Monster movie was the reason I came……It does not open until July…..Hmmmmmmmmmm…….so have you guessed what a Mae Uri Ken is?

“Before Sell Ticket” is a ticket that one can buy before the movie opens.  Movies in Japan at theaters are terribly expensive, but if you buy a mae uri ken, the price will be discounted.  I supposed this is to ensure that people will buy the ticket in anticipation of the movie, rather than getting too busy later on and saying “Oh heck, I’ll just see it on DVD later on in the year.”  (And never purchasing a ticket.)

Not all movies have the Mae Uri Ken available, but many do.  I try to buy them if I am absolutely sure we want to see the movie.  My son had asked me to purchase the ticket for the upcoming Pokemon movie.

You can look at the available mae uri kens available and decide which to buy.  I also bought a Gru movie ticket…but my son does not know that!  (And sorry about poor picture quality–this was behind glass.  Plus, I am a lousy photographer.)

You can see the Gru movie mae uri ken closer up.   I don’t know this movie’s official name.   Remember, I am over thirty years old.  So bear with me.  My awesomeness has long faded.

Here we are!!!!!  The POKEMON MAE URI KEN!!!!!!!  One for mommy, one my sweet darling boy.  And you get a free gift!!!!!!!!

Not only mae uri ken are sold in this area of the theater.  A lot of trinkets from current movies are also sold.

From the Conan movie…..  The items sold are really cute, but they are expensive so I pretty much never buy any.  I do think they make good souvenirs and gifts though, because they are items you can’t find elsewhere.

I guess there is a Marvel movie out….Wait, isn’t there ALWAYS a Marvel movie out?

(((Sigh)))    My son did not want to see this.

Crayon Shinchan is HILARIOUS….but he has slightly risque humor.  Sort of like a Japanese Bart Simpson, so some parents don’t allow their kids to watch his TV show or movies.  It never bothered me, though, but my only criteria is “Is it funny?”  “Yes.”  “Okay, let’s watch it.”

Well, that’s all my May movie photos……….

Can you tell I like this movie theater?  We moved here when my son was three, and it was so close I would take him here.  He was too young to watch movies…so I just simply bought popcorn for him and we looked at the pretty lights.   Nice way to keep him happy for thirty minutes!

After the March eleventh earthquake, kids were not supposed to play outside for several months due to radiation.  And they also could not go to this movie theater, either, because the building was shut down to business to confirm that it was safe for people.    (It ended up being declared safe.)    Since my son and I left for another part of Japan to live during those months after the earthquake, it didn’t affect us….but I felt sorry for the kids of Fukushima City.    They couldn’t play outside!  They couldn’t go to the movies!  It seemed all they were allowed to do that summer vacation was to stay home and worry.

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