Ka-ru Chips

Potato chips?  Corn chips?  Tortilla chips?  Cow chips?

Do you take your salty snack food seriously?

Apparently, eastern Japan does.

Earlier this week in a breaking news report that pushed aside Trump’s visit to Saudia Arabia and kicked North Korea’s missile launch out of the way, it was announced that


Evidently, Uncle Karl chips have long been beloved in Japan, but consumers are no longer purchasing them.

Here’s a child-friendly link to the chips’ website.  It’s cute, and plus it has old commercials from way back when.


Of course, once I learned that Karl Chips were no longer going to be sold in my part of Japan, I had to go and buy some.

Alas!   No longer in stock at this grocery store.

Alack!  Not here, either.

But then………  When the chips are down, I know I can depend on my husband.

Surprise!  My darling husband found some and we shared them as a family.

I asked, “Did you buy them on the internet?”

He said, “No, they’re expensive on the internet!”

Apparently he found a regular store that still had them.

This particular package was curry-flavored.  How did they taste?  Um, so-so.  (I’m not crazy about curry flavored snacks.)

So anyway, you probably came to this site to learn about the radioactive wild boars rampaging through Fukushima…..   Sorry to disappoint you.

Anyway, I am not really a salty food kind of gal, so um anyway…….Bye Bye Uncle Karl Chips.


(And let the chips fall where they may.)

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