Dashi Matsuri in Fukushima City

Dashi= According to a Japanese/English dictionary, this word means “Parade float, festival float.”  But in reality, it is one of those words that simply can’t be translated accurately because it doesn’t exist in western (English-speaking) culture

Matsuri= Festival

I took the above photo in downtown Fukushima City a few days before the festival.  This was announcing the festival and giving names of its participants.

The festival itself was last Saturday.  In the photo, you can see a dashi (festival float.)  Fukushima City and Date Town participated in this festival.

Downtown Fukushima City, East Side

People dress in really interesting outfits—traditional clothes—for festivals!  It’s not mandatory, people do it for fun and tradition.

This woman is wearing a festival hapi coat.  You can see the parade of dashi in the background.

People ride on top and whoop it up.  Dance and so on.

It was crowded.  I have to admit I was quite busy last Saturday, so I didn’t stay long.  Just sort of wanted to see it a bit.  It’s really close to my home.  That’s one of the benefits of living in the downtown area.

A dashi….impressive!

Whenever there are festivals in Japan, there are also stalls which sell food.  This one seemed very popular with kids.  The line stretched on and  on!


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2 thoughts on “Dashi Matsuri in Fukushima City

  1. Hi Amy, as August draws closer I am back to shuffling a two week itinerary to include atleast 4 or 5 nights in Fukushima Prefecture. And speaking of matsuri, can you point me to a list of any local festivals or events that are on from 19 to 30 August?

    Recommendations taken.


  2. I would go to Sendai City if I were you for their Tanabata Matsuri. I am actually usually in America during August (or visiting my husband’s parents) because that’s my son’s school break…..But this year I will be here, so I am looking forward to it! Peaches are in season in Fukushima during August…and Fukushima (before the meltdown) was best known for its peaches. Lots of orchards here. As far as festivals in Fukushima itself….I would do a search if Iwere you. Iam sure the little towns have festivals…I rarely leave Fukushima City though so I am unaware of what goes on beyond my little neighborhood! Have fun! Fukushima is relaxing compared to Tokyo since it is much less crowded.


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