Kubota Ajisai Kouen (Kubota Hydrangea Park) in Date Town

In my taxi.  Spending money on the fare.  Lots and lots and lots of money.  A taxi is not the best way to get to Kubota Hydrangea Park because it is expensive (even from the closest train station.)  And also, it is too far (for an average person) to walk.   Bicycle might be possible–but be careful because roads are narrow.    There are no buses.  So the best transportation is obviously a hot air balloon.  No, wait, I’m sorry.  I forgot that I am not an aeronaut from Texas.

A car.  A car is your best bet.


It’s like straight out of a Ghibli movie.

I saw a Totoro behind this shack but he was shy and scurried away because I could snap a photo to put on Facebook.

Very peaceful.  This is still the rainy season.  Not the super duper hot season.  (In July and August.)  It’s very humid–very!

Hydrangeas…..I was a little early for their peak, but that was okay with me.

To tell the truth, I don’t think the hydrangeas show up as well in the photos as in real life.  (I seem to remember more of them?)

Rickety bridge.

No cicadas.  June is too early for that in Tohoku.  (Their “Nee Nee Nee” will be incessant later in the summer.  Plus the sounds of bullfrogs.)

Do you see something?  Something unusual?  It’s something that I attempted to write into my book, but found it difficult to describe because they don’t exist in the U.S. (as far as I am aware.)

This is a hollow bamboo trunk. Water (which is naturally coming down the mountain) fills into it.

The weight of the water causes the bamboo tube to rise.

And then the tube pops down, pouring water into the lake.   There is a clacking sound as it drops and hits the stone.

It looks like there will be a lantern festival at the park on July eighth and ninth of 2017.

As you can see, there is quite a lot to visit in the area.  Another reason to go by car!

Oh, hi there, me!  Are you having fun?

Why, yes, future me!   Peace out, Dude!







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4 thoughts on “Kubota Ajisai Kouen (Kubota Hydrangea Park) in Date Town

  1. Lovely photos- looks a lot like our area- fairytale- like! Love it!

    Catching up on blog reading and a lot of other things. 😊


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