Second day with my nice niece

We headed to a recycle shop to drop off some items.  (She helped clean my home.)

She said she was interested in these old kimonos.  She said there were three prices:  1,000 yen, 2,000 yen, 5,000 yen.  (About American dollars ten, twenty, fifty.)

I asked her why she wanted a kimono, and she said to wear it around the house (in America, of course.)   I told her that some people who sew buy them and turn them into other things, like cute purses.

As you can see, most of the kimonos are actually rather plain.  The plainer kimonos tend to be worn by older women.  The vibrant kimonos (the kind we usually see photos of in the West) tend to be worn by young women.

Next we went to Mossburger.  It’s a fast food hamburger chain, but prides itself on being more upscale and higher quality and more environmentally conscious than places like McDonalds.  (And therefore a little more expensive.)  I personally like Mossburger for its onion rings–it can be hard to get onion rings in Japan!

My mouth is weird because I thought the lady had taken the photo and so I said something to her.  lol

I chose this vegetable rice burger because the lady who was serving me said it had the fewest calories of the burgers.    It’s really good.

My niece got…. a regular hamburger, I think?

My rice burger up close.  Japanese type vegetables.

My niece said, “Let’s stop on the koi pond on the way back!”  I knew there was water—but did NOT know there was fish!  I’ve ridden this route many times, but I guess I am not very observant.  It’s a nice bicycling path.

Hello, Miss Niece!

You can see the path….  It is pretty.  Very quiet.

Bye fishies!

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