Ice Cream Shopping

At a local grocery store.  My niece said there were so many flavors of ice cream.


A famous and old brand—polar bear brand ice cream.  It’s sort of like shaved ice.  Delicious.

This is SO DELICIOUS.  Basically shaved ice.

My niece says, “I wish they had them in America.”

Gari Gari Kun…A famous brand of popsicle.  The picture shows soda flavor and pear flavor, but this brand likes to do weird flavors of popsicles like potato soup.   Those weird flavors never last long and are obviously publicity stunts.  Gari Gari Kun is great at marketing.

Me and the watermelon popsicle.

The seeds are bits of chocolate.

My niece says, “My aunt likes ice cream so much she can’t think straight.”

This kind is what we ended up purchasing.

It has little mochis.

At the bottom is vanilla ice cream.

She likes it!


On the way back…..across the tracks to the east side.

This is Fukushima.

The train.   A passenger train, and only two cars.  My niece said, “That was fast!”  In Texas, trains are usually SO LONG…… very, very, very long cargo trains.  Endless.  You can wait literally forever at a train crossing in Texas.  Literally.  People started waiting in 1996 and are waiting there still……  But that’s in Texas, and this is a Fukushima train so we didn’t wait very long.

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