Train ride to AizuWakamatsu City

Today in real life is the anniversary of the horrific bombing of Hiroshima City.  My husband and I have visited Nagasaki (years ago) to visit the memorials there for the bombing.  I told him I wanted to go to Hiroshima City, too.  He doesn’t want to go. He has gone previously with his college group and felt that it is just too sad.  The museum inside the dome is very graphic, and will make me cry.  So he doesn’t want to go.

So moving on…….

My niece left Japan a few days ago, but I am not even close to finished posting photos of her fabulous Fukushima trip.  So put on your seat belts and get ready!

My husband wanted her to see the most historical area of Fukushima Prefecture, AizuWakamatsu.  So we woke her up early and boarded the bullet train to Koriyama and then changed to a regular train.  (My husband didn’t want to drive or use the bus, either of which would have been cheaper!)

Don’t wake her.  She’s dreaming about kitties who slide down rainbows.

Out the window:  That’s Fukushima.

Yep, that’s Fukushima.

That’s Oklahoma.

And this is Dallas, Texas.


Please realize that I have spent the entire day writing my FICTIONAL manuscript and now I can’t stop FICTIONALIZING everything, but it’s okay because I got a new pair of eyeglasses that will either help me improve my fiction or my diction or my eyesight.  I can’t remember what the optometrist said exactly.

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