Starbucks in Sendai City

I wasn’t planning to take my niece to a Japanese Starbucks.  I wanted to do “only in Japan” sort of stuff.  But she told me that people on the internet were raving about a certain apple pie Starbucks drink a while back.  So I guess the Japanese Starbucks is cool!

Look at the above photo.  A tips card?

Cards with tips on them!

Normally, Japan does not do “tips” (monetary gratuities for good service) like servers expect in the U.S.

Enjoying our Ch-Ch-Ch-Chinos.

(Yes, I know my stomach is showing.  My diet begins now.)

The BIG BIG BIG festival that Sendai City is known for is its Tanabata Festival, which is held every August.  I usually go to the United States in August so I have never actually seen it.

And I still haven’t seen it because on the day these photos were taken was in late July.  It was too early for Sendai’s Tanabata Festival.

Neverthless, the Sendai City train station gives us a small taste of the festival.  Streamers for Tanabata!

That’s all my Sendai City photos.  I hope you enjoyed them.

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