Fruitea train ride with niece

Here we are back at the AizuWakamatsu train station.

Going back home on a train…..but with special service!

We are going in the Fruitea car.  My husband surprised me with this for my birthday in 2016, and he wanted to do it for my niece, too.

All aboard!  Fukushima is famous for its fruit, which is why it is called Fruitea.  You have to reserve seats three days in advance.

And what nice seats they are!  I am always reminded of an Agatha Christie novel when on the Fruitea.  Hercule Poirot? Oh, there he is.  Over in the next seat.

The view.  The Fruitea only travels from AizuWakamatsu City to Koriyama City.  And back.

What’s INSIDE!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

Peach pie!

Fukushima Prefecture is famous for peaches, and now it is prime peach season….thus the peach pie.  The fruit in the pie is seasonal.

Pretty face

Silly face.  Although I didn’t get the memo to do a silly face, obviously.

“Why, yes, Monsieur Poirot.  I did notice that he was a bit nervous during the evening meal….but I never expected him to end up murdered by his own pen knife!”

After her trip to Fukushima City, I asked my niece, “What was your favorite thing that you did?” She said the Fruitea train ride.  It was fun.  Japan has different trains like this, called the Joyful Trains.

See this link for a peek at the trains which bring joy:



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