“Coffee Gourmet” Coffee Shop in Downtown Fukushima City

During my niece’s last afternoon in Fukushima City, I wanted to take her to some sort of coffee shop. I debated between an old independent coffee shop called “Coffee Gourmet” and a chain called Mister Donuts.  Mister Donuts has some lovely shaved ice in the summer, and my son and I have been wanting to try them!  However, we finally decided on Coffee Gourmet since it is an only-in-Fukushima City sort of thing.

My niece ordered this traditional Japanese desert.  It was a good choice, because I am quite sure this can not be found in Texas.

Taking a photo of it.  (Photography is allowed in this coffee shop.)

My son ordered this ice creamy.

My capuccino

Bon Appetit!

Coffee Gourmet is easy to walk to from the east side of the station (just a one minute walk.) But it is hard to find for a non-Japanese reader because its name is in Japanese!  So you may want to ask a local for directions.

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