Harajuku, Tokyo!

This blog is supposed to be about Fukushima, so I wasn’t sure if I should put in photos from our time in Tokyo this summer.  But then I thought, This is more a blog from a person who LIVES in Fukushima.  So not absolutely all the posts have to be Fukushima related.  And besides, people might enjoy seeing some Tokyo pics!

This is the Tokyo hotel that my husband reserved for me, my niece, and my son to stay in for a couple days before my niece departed to America.

We decided to go to Harajuku.  That’s it in the photo.  Harajuku is famous for young people who dress in fun and frilly fashion, but we didn’t really see that much of that at all while we were there. Everybody was dressed normally, except maybe two young woman (who I did not take photos of.)

A cell phone shop in Harajuku.  My niece and my son were both interested in the robots!

Harajuku train station.  It’s pretty, isn’t it?

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