Akihabara (Electric Town!) in Tokyo

My son is a gamer, so he wanted to go to Akihabara and look around at the computer stuff.  If you don’t know, the Akihabara part of Tokyo is famous for its electronics stores.  Years ago, it was the cheapest place to get the newest technology, but recently it has more competition with the internet and so on. However, it is still a mecca for people who are into technology.

(cough cough) Some people who are into technology are also into cafes with waitresses who dress like the girls in the advertisement.

She is a cafe employee handing out advertisements.  You have to pay a fee to get in, then pay for food.  Food is served by cute young women in cute outfits.  No, we did not go!

AKB48 is a popular group of teenage girl singers.  The group has over forty-eight singers! It’s not a real group like The Beatles. The girls are carefully selected for their cuteness and so on……

It is popular with certain types of men, but neither my husband nor my son like AKB48 at all.  (Thank goodness.)


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