THE ICE WALL at the power plant will be completed in a couple months.

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There’s something I want to talk about today.  (It’s not a subject I one hundred percent understand myself, so I am relying on news articles.  I tried to get reputable news sources, as opposed to dodgy ones.)

Radiated water is leaking from the nuclear power plant on the coast of Fukushima Prefecture.  Radiated water is leaking EVERY SINGLE DAY!   Workers have been storing it up, but because the water is ground water, its endless.  This has to be stopped.

So a few years ago, the government decided to build an icewall at the plant in an effort to stop the water.  A news article from 2016:

Here’s an article from 2013 explaining how the Icewall works.  The article is old, though so some of the information might be out of date:

Here is a detailed BBC article from a few years ago:

Well, today yahoo news says that the ICEWALL is almost finished.  I don’t like yahoo news much because its so sensationalistic, but of course I wanted to take a look at other news sources about the matter.

Japan Times:


The ice wall is to prevent the ground water from entering the power plant.  Let’s hope this ice wall works, everybody.  I don’t know what will happen if the water situation can’t be gotten under control……..


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