Tohoku Chips at Seven-Eleven Convenience Store

JR train….. Do you know what “JR” stands for? Answer at bottom.

Currently, these chips are being sold at my local 7-11 convenience stores.  Each bag represents a different prefecture in Tohoku (Northern Honshu Island) and each flavor is a specialty of that particular prefecture.

Fukushima Prefecture

Flavor: Ika Ninjin (Squid and Carrots)

Miyagi Prefecture

Sendai Ushi no Aburiyaki Aji (Grilled Beef)

Yamagata Prefecture

Flavor: Imoni (taro and meat stew)

Akita Prefecture

Flavor: Shyottsuru Nabe (Fish stew)

Aomori Prefecture

Flavor: Ninniku Aji (Garlic Flavor)


By the way……JR (in the first photo) stand for “Japan Railway.”

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