Moon Viewing 2017

This post is just a quickie.  Every autumn is a bit special due to the moon. It’s a festival, but it seems very toned down. Nothing special goes on (school is still in session!)  other than buying maybe some special treats and looking at the moon. When son was little, I tried to make an evening of it, sitting outside and snacking, watching the moon.  Teaching him about history: “Did you know that people have visited the moon!”

And of course looking for the rabbit in the moon (Japan, and I believe most of Asia) or the man in the moon (United States.)

These photos are from this evening of October 4, 2017.

This is my neighbor’s house. (The moon always rises over it.)

Oops! Camera slipped while I was taking the photo! Looks like the world when I am not wearing my eyeglasses…..


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