Festival Decorations

These decorations are hung up in all the neighborhoods that partipate in the festival.  The festival is on a Saturday, Sunday and a Monday. (The Monday is a national holiday, so it’s a day off from work and school.) They are hung up on the preceeding Friday and taken down on the Tuesday.

They are made of rope and paper.

As you can see, they are hung in many places, even next to the STOP sign


Down that street is the main part of the festival…food stands and a haunted house, and the temple itself.  I suspect it is physically barricaded for fears of criminal activity involving vehicles. (Like cars that can be used to hurt people.)

Riding my bicycle to the supermarket….  Even on festival weekend, you gotta shop.

Decorations next to a local preschool

This is dashi in front of the supermarket…pulled down the street.  This neighborhood is much more highly populated than my neighborhood.

Not using the zoom!

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