After pulling the dashi…..

Well, the festival is over for the year. The weekend itself was fairly warm, but the week (today is Thursday) has turned cool and nippy.  The way October should be!

The dashi was pulled four times over the course of three days. (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) My son pulled the dashi twice.   (He had a fever on Sunday and couldn’t pull it.)

Anyway, after the dashi is rolled back into its parking lot where it is stored during the festival weekend, each child gets a paper bag of treats.  (Shown above.)

This is a sample of what is in that particular bag.   Even if my son couldn’t participate, he still gets a bag, so he got four of these bags.

On Monday evening, the festival is finished. The dashi must be put away until the next year.  It is stripped of its lanterns, then the light bulbs.  We all work together, and it takes about an hour. After that is a party.

Notice the crane?  Cranes are significant in Japanese culture.  They are said to live a thousand years.

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