YuTagawa Dinner

It was Jiji’s eightieth birthday, so we had a fantastic dinner the onsen together. (Me, Jiji, Baba, Joe and of course Husband.)

Three generations of Kawamura boys in this photo. I personally think my son looks a lot like Jiji. (The shape of his face.)

Here comes the food….several courses in this meal. I don’t know much about Japanese food, so I won’t explain what’s in the photos. I’ll just show the photos.

Tsuruoka is near the sea on the west coast of Japan. This region has excellent seafood, naturally.

Look at the tempura…there is one fish…………and……..

My fish was pregnant!  See the eggs?

As a woman, and as a non-Japanese person, I was like “Oh, poor momma fishy was preggers!” But I didn’t say that aloud and ruin the ambiance of the meal.

Husband knows what I am thinking (he somehow always knows what I am thinking.) He ate the eggs.  He says it’s the best part!  (Most tempura fish are not pregnant, by the way. It’s like finding a pearl in your oyster.)


I was full and declined the rice. But the server wanted me to try it because it is special, so this is a small portion.

Raspberry and green tea ice cream…..yes, we got both!

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