YuTagawa Breakfast

Yesterday I posted our superb dinner at the Onsen Hotel YuTagawa. Today I am posting our magnificent breakfast.

Close-up of the natto. This is something a lot (but not all) of Japanese people like. Some foreigners like it, too. However, it has a strong smell that I do not find pleasing. (Many people do not find it pleasing!) So I’ve eaten one bean of natto to say I’ve tried it, and don’t want to eat more!  I gave my natto to my husband.  He loves natto. It’s one of the things he missed while living in the U.S. (He did manage to find some frozen in an Asian supermarket.)

Fish and egg.

The breakfast even had dessert!  I liked that!  ;^)

These are my last Onsen YuTagawa photos!  I hope you enjoyed them!



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