“ice wall” of questionable effectiveness

To understand the following post, you need to know that ground water has been passing under the Dai Ichi nuclear power plant. (The one where the meldowns occured.) This is a huge problem. The water has been building up, being collected and stored.  It reminds me of one of those cartoons with a leak in the ship. First the cartoon character stops the leak. Whew. But then another one pops up. Then another one. The water keeps coming. Gah.

An ice wall was built to prevent the water from running through the nuclear power plant.  But is the ice wall working? Okay, NOW our post begins:


My husband watches national news in Japanese every morning. This morning I heard the round table discussion talking about Fukushima, so I listened. They said:

杜撰な壁  Zusan na Kabe

Zusan means “Faulty”

Kabe means “Wall” (In this case, the ice wall)

So basically the ice wall is NOT doing a good job of keeping the ground water from getting radiated by the power plant.

Here’s a recent Japan Times article in English that you can read:


The ice wall itself is mentioned towards the end of the article.

(editted to add: My husband is NOT related to the Kawamura in the article.)

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