On the way to Toys R Us……..

No, I did not take a train! I rode my bike to our Toys R Us here in Fukushima City. It took me over twenty minutes.

When we first moved here, my son was three. I had previously lived within walking distance of a Toys R Us in Narita City, and it was fun to take little son there. So when son was three, I would take the train (a short journey.) However, now it’s possible to ride bikes.

Going through the section of Moriai in Fukushima City

Moriai Village Stone Monument

A temple, I think.

That’s the temple.

So I was riding along…..tra la la tra la la

And I notice a huge stuffed animal in a window!!!!!!!!  Omigosh, so huge!!!!  What?

Another view.

It’s a cat! A living cat! It was enormous.

And a puppy dog.

Back onto my bicycle. Mustn’t dawdle.

Notice this vending machine? What does it sell…..?

Fresh apples

This park is close to Toys R Us, and my son used to play here when he was little. What happy memories!

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