Radiation tests on Fukushima food

Recently I noticed two articles about testing of food from Fukushima.

I will start with the first one:


The above news article is how consumers overseas don’t know that Fukushima food does get tested for radiation.

My thoughts: I think people DO hear that the food gets tested, but they don’t believe it. Me personally? I’m like meh at this point. My cousin got hepatitis from a grape in America so let’s face it, food has got all kinds of nasty stuff on it.  People who live in, say, America, are all riled up that the rice in their sushi might come from Fukushima (or that the fish might have gotten killer amounts of radiation while swimming in the Pacific Ocean) but they don’t worry about all those pesticides on the food? Pesticides are also a huge problem.

I wouldn’t have wanted to eat Fukushima food in that first year after the disaster (and yes, they were testing the spinach and milk, etc, not selling it, just testing it) but now,  six years later, I think the food is okay.  I might be wrong. Who knows. Don’t eat if if you don’t want to. But don’t just think RADIATION GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and start freaking out. It’s just silly to panic like that when there are so many dangers (to tell the truth, worse dangers) out there.  But like I said, don’t eat the food if you don’t think it is safe.

How they test here in Fukushima is to take a sample of the crop, and test that–and assume the rest of the crop in the lot is acceptable if the results of the sample are acceptable. So if you are a doubting sort of person, you might think that either 1) the tests are not actually done or the results are fake. (I am not saying this is the case, but I know there are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there.) or 2.) the sample may be okay but the rest…perhaps not.

Like I said, if you believe that Fukushima food is unsafe, don’t eat it. But don’t blame Fukushima for it and say nasty things about us. It wasn’t our fault. It was a Tokyo-owned power plant that supplied electricity to Tokyo that did the damage.

So anyhoo…this is the other article. Rice testing will decrease, going from testing all the rice to testing only samples (like other crops.)


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