I’ve been quiet lately…

I haven’t had really anything important to post.  But then just now I saw this article:




If you can read it, it is about a court ruling that a nuclear power plant in Japan can not restart. This power plant is in Ehime Prefecture. It is NOT here in Fukushima.

Getting into political issues here, some people here in Japan are VERY  MUCH against nuclear power, especially in the aftermath of the 3/11 meltdowns (which were caused by a tsunami.)

And then other people are in favor of nuclear power. The current prime minister of Japan is in favor of nuclear power. The current leader is named Prime Minister Abe (pronounced Ahbay.) He is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. (In Japan, this party is known as Jimintou.)

The Liberal Democratic Party sounds, well, liberal to us Americans. But it’s not. It’s actually conservative. I think it’s Japan’s equivalent of Republicans, I guess? It’s got a lot of power and support in Japan….it’s the most powerful political party, actually. And I like I said, it’s in favor of nuclear power, so I guess nuclear power in Japan is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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