Today’s Radiation Detection results….

Hello, boys and girls. Are you enjoying learning about radiation? I know I am. It’s a lesson that started shortly after March 11, 2017. I am so very not a science and math kind of gal, so any mistakes are my own.

I was on Twitter and happened to see a post of a dosimeter in Tokyo with the high amount (and unsafe amount) of 2.2 usv/hour. So I checked our dosimeter here in our house.

Here is a photo of it (from the afternoon of December 16, 2017.)

It’s .12 usv/hour.  (Considered a safe amount.)  So I don’t know why there is a discrepancy.

And by the way—-every place has radiation.  Before the quake Fukushima’s was really really really low, now not so low, but still “safe.”


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