First (real) snow of the winter…

In Fukushima City, we had our first real snow this morning, or at least a bit of snow that sticks on the ground.

These photos are from my walk this morning.

When I first came to Japan, I was surprised by the number of palm trees (or palm-like trees.)

I was also surprised by the number of these pruned trees with interesting shapes.

Japan has lots of trees!

Mini-stop convenience store sign.  Convenience stores do not do gas for cars (like in the U.S.) A gas station is a separate store in Japan.

That blue color is common in Japan. I see it everywhere, on cheaply made roofs and walls.

Children playing in the snow

Doesn’t this make you want to scoop your mitten along it and brush off the snow?

A sunflower in winter.

political poster

A gate

A sign

more palm trees

SWEET LITTLE KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More palm trees

Amy (that’s me)

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