Wind Turbines in Yamagata Prefecture

We travelled as a family to my husband’s hometown on the west coast of Yamagata Prefecture.  This is a view from the local train.

It was very misty.

Electricity from wind turbines

So pretty!

In case you are wondering: Why aren’t nuclear power plants replaced by these lovely wind turbines? The problem is that a nuclear power plant can produce much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, MUCH more electricity than wind turbines can.  We definitely do need to research various alternatives to nuclear power, though, in my opinion. The future depends on it!


Editted: I originally wrote “Windmills” My mom’s best friend Mary Sue informed me that the actual word is wind turbine. Thanks, Mrs. T!

Here is a link on the difference between a windmill and a wind turbine:

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3 thoughts on “Wind Turbines in Yamagata Prefecture

    • Thank you, Mary Sue (Mrs. T! I feel weird using your first name.) When I was writing, I sort of thought they were not really called windmills…but I couldn’t remember what they were called. Thanks, I will edit my post now. 🙂


    • Oh and Merry Christmas! I am seeing the photos of J. in India with her family…such great photos!!!!!!!! India looks wonderful. And her husband seems like such a nice guy. So sorry to hear about Daryl. 😦


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