Riding my bike around the neighborhood

This morning I rode my bicycle around. I stopped right at this point because I saw a  a cute orange and white cat. But the cat kept running from me, hiding under cars. She did not want to be photographed! And then swans flew over my head in a beautiful V formation, but I missed a photo of that because I was concentrating on the cat.

Typical house style for Fukushima City.  I walked up the stairs of the embankment to the right.

Looking down towards the downtown of the city. That’s Mt. Shinobu in the background.

Path to my left.

Straight ahead. (That’s a river below the mountain, but it’s hard to see well.)

Path to my right.

Back on my bicycle, passing by the Fukushima bus depot.

Here’s a radiation dectector–now a very common sight in our area.

.147 usv/h

That’s considered a safe amount.

Close to the amount (.127) in my home with my personal dosimeter, shown in this post a few weeks ago:


I decided to go down this path.

Singing to myself. I’ve got a fantastic singing voice. (One of the previous two sentences is a lie.)

Oh, another R2-D2.

Beep Beep Blurp .120

Thank you, R2.

You can tell by the design on the left that we are by the horse racing track. It’s only open when there are horse races, which are usually on the weekends.

Oh, I found a kitty! My mission is a success! Her human servant told me that her name is Mike. (Pronounced “Mikay.”) Mike means calico, a Mike Neko is a calico cat. (“Neko” means cat.)

I hope you enjoyed our bicycle ride. Now take it easy and go pet a cat!

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