Hina Dolls at Nakago Department Store in Fukushima City

These are Hina Dolls. Sets like these are very expensive. This particular one (you can see the price) costs around 4,000 U.S. dollars.

Also, there is a sign (left bottom corner) saying “Please don’t touch.” For Japanese people, this goes without saying, actually. Everybody knows not to touch a lavish set like this. Hina dolls are decorations–NOT toys.

The Empress…Notice her many layers of Kimono. On a princess’s wedding day, she wears MANY layers of of kimono.

Her husband, the emperor.  Royalty passes through the males.

The three woman below are servants. Some sets have more servants than this.

WAIT! HOLD EVERYTHING! I just realized that you may not know who is the emperor and empress of Japan. I can’t copy and paste their photos here because that would be illegal, so I will use a link.


Akihito Sama (I am using his name but NOBODY uses his actual name. He’s the emperor) is currently the emperor. Like England’s queen, he has no true power. He’s a figurehead.

His wife (Michiko Sama) was not royal, but came from a wealthy family. Their marriage was not arranged. The story about them meeting while playing tennis is very famous. She is very well-liked in Japan.

They have two sons, the heir and the one who is allowed to grow out his hair because he’s not the heir. (If you don’t believe me, go look at their photos in the link I provided.) The emperor and empress also have a daughter. She married, and because she has married, she is no longer considered royal. (Yeah, it sucks. Feminists, come to Japan. You have a job to do.)


Both sons are married.

The first son and his wife have only one child–a daughter.

The second son and his wife had two children–two daughters.

UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, wait, wait. Did you read this line above? The one that says, “Royalty passes through the males.


Three girls….no male heirs. Japan is doomed.

Wait, second wife saves the day.

Years after her second child, she gives birth again—to a boy.

JAPAN IS SAVED!!!!!!! Yay!

There is now a male heir to carry on the line.


All girls be like “um, hooray  ?”


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