Hina Dolls in Ichii Grocery Store in Fukushima City

Hina Festival is March third. I thought I would give more information about the dolls.

I saw a Hina doll set at a local grocery store called Ichii, and the following photos are of that set. (The stairway is in the same grocery store.)

The emperor doll

What’s the proper name of this doll in Japanese?

I’m not quite sure because there are various names for the emperor (and his actually name is rarely used.)

But the emperor can be called Tennou Heika. 天皇陛下

The empress doll

Called “Kougou Heika.” 皇后陛下

(Heika is an honorary title, like His Majesty.)

This is one of the three Ladies-in-Waiting. As a group, they are Sannin Kanjyo. 三人官女

Here is a photo of Ichii’s entire set:

It’s lovely, isn’t it? This is a three tier set.

There are lots of kinds of sets, with various levels of tiers. (Although people nowadays tend to buy smaller sets that fit in small homes.) Hina Festival dolls are unique to Japan. Not borrowed from other countries or cultures!

Here is a link which explains the Hina doll sets in more detail.




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