Grocery Store Rice

One can also buy rice in a regular grocery store, of course.  Japanese people take their rice VERY seiously.

This is the grocery store near my home, and it has a section devoted to rice. In the photo, you can see Fukushima grown rice.

Top left, in the blue circle, it says: Fukushima

This particular rice is from the Aizu region. (Western part of the prefecture.)

The above rice was also grown in Fukushima Prefecture.

More varieties of rice, from different regions.

Written in black: Hokkaido

Akita rice

Aizu rice (Aizu is part of Fukushima Prefecture.)

Niigata rice

Yamagata rice

My husbands’ parents are rice farmers in Yamagata Prefecture, so my husband likes this rice!

You can see there are lots of choices in Japan. If you live in the United States or Canada (or most parts of the world) I very much suspect you are NOT eating Fukushima rice. I simply don’t think that Fukushima exports to the U.S. in any great quantity.

Although this link is for exports in general, it claims to show which countries export the most rice. (Japan is NOT one of the countries.)

Rice Exports by Country

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