Anti-Nuclear Energy March

Last Sunday (March 11, 2018) was the seventh anniversary of the huge earthquake that resulted in a major tsunami that killed many people. (And the tsunami caused meltdowns at a nuclear power plant here in Fukushima Prefecture.)

During the afternoon of Sunday, I went to a ceremony at the Bunka Center (Culture Center) here in Fukushima City. The purpose was to remember the lives lost and missing. We were not allowed to take photos, so I have no photos of this.

I rode my bicycle home, only about a fifteen minute bike ride. I passed the parade that is in the following photos that I took. It appears to be a group of people marching against nuclear energy.

At this point, the were near Shinhama Park—MY neighborhood!

We don’t want nuclear power plants.

Women of Fukushima.

Don’t Trust Government

We don’t want nuclear power plants.

Women of Fukushima.

(top left sign)


Increase in Fear. (My note: This sign is against current Prime Minister Abe, who favors nuclear energy. His name is in the sign.)

Return to the people!

Return to our livelihoods!

(top right sign)

Stop…(something…I can’t read it….I tried to look it up but the sheet is folded, so I can’t make out the character.)

UPDATE: I asked my Japanese teacher and she told me the sign in red says, “Sai kaidou yamete!” This means: “Stop reoperation!”



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