CandleNight– In Memory of Victims of 3/11/11 (2018)

Every year in Fukushima City (and other places in Japan) candles are lit in memories of those who lost their lives, or have gone missing, due to the huge earthquake of March 11, 2011.  And also in memories of those along the coast whose homes and communities were destroyed.

This is in the evening in front of Fukushima City train station (East Exit.)

Lots of people praying and remembering…


Free of charge, people can receive a candle holders and markers to decorate…I enjoy looking at the messages from my fellow Fukushimers.

The vertical sign says “Candle Night”

These candles says “3.11” because March 11 (in 2011) was the day the earthquake occurred.

Lots of messages for Fukushima. They’re mostly in Japanese, of course.

Middle one says (at top) “Don’t give up!” The red cow is a traditional Fukushima symbol, the Akabeko.

The candle on the right says in red (vertically): “Healthy Fukushima” (Translating “Genki” to “Healthy” although it is often translated as “In good spirits” or “Lively.”)

This is the candle that I drew on.

I talked to a young woman from Osaka who recently moved to Fukushima City.  Her candle says: “From Osaka. Happy Smile & Healthy”

Once the sun set, the candles really are very beautiful.

Just noticed I wrote “FUKU SHIM” Instead of “FUKU SHIMA” oops.

I wanted to show this candle because it has some English: “Remember.”





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