If you were wondering what I am currently studying for Japanese…

Reading Training. My very kind Friday Japanese teachers are helping me go through the reading passages in this textbook.

Quite an interesting textbook. This essay is about what to do with polluted material from factories, etc.

You can see the acronym NIMBY which stands for “Not In My Backyard.”

This very much makes me think of the nuclear meltdowns, and how the meltdowns were in Fukushima’s “backyard.” Nowadays, I think we rural prefectures do NOT want Tokyo’s nuclear power plants in our area. We’ve seen what happens. After all hell breaks loose, Tokyo (I’m speaking generally. Not every Tokyoite, but many Tokyoites) blames and villifies Fukushima instead of taking responsiblity for what is THEIR mess.

I personally have not gone to the exclusion zone myself. (The exclusion zone is the part of Fukushima Prefectures which is near the power plant and it is considered to have dangerous levels of radiation. One needs permission and protective gear to visit there nowadays.) I didn’t go there before 3/11 and I have not gone there since. It’s a rural area, and a lot of farmers–and their livestock–suffered horribly due to the forced evacuations.

Please look at the following blog. It’s by a Polish man who has taken photos in the exclusion zone. The photos are sad, the photos are amazing, the photos will make you THINK.

One of the Japanese men pictured in the blog’s photos stays (illegally, I believe) in the exclusion zone in order to take care of the poor, poor domesticated animals left behind.

(Please understand: The meltdowns have been a blessing for wild animals. They now run free and happy. A little radiation? Wild animals don’t care.   But! The domesticated animals can not cope with freedom. They need human care. A cow doesn’t know how to survive by itself. A pet dog does not know, either. It may learn–but it won’t be happy about it.)

So without further ado….


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