Day Trip to Tokyo

Yesterday, husband, son and I left for Toky for a day-trip. We usually go about this time of year, just for fun. But this time was special because it was son’s special day–a celebration of his acceptance to high school.

Leaving Fukushima City.

Just a couple minutes later (by bullet train, so it’s a high speed) we are in the countryside. The track is elevated.

A trip to Tokyo by bullet train is an hour and a half. (And it’s another hour and a half to return.) It costs about eighty U.S. dollars for a round-trip ticket.

A lot of people will take the bus, which of course is cheaper but takes longer.

La la la I’m on a bullet train…..Hmmmmmmmmmmm….Gettin’ bored.

I know! I’ll read a book! I use my kindle a lot because Fukushima City does not have any English language bookstores. “The Astonishing Color of After”…? Yes!!!!!!!

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