Kirie Exhibit (Kirie Artist: Kubo Shu)

Last week, I went to an exhibit of “Kirie” art at the Bunka Center in Fukushima City. (The Bunka Center is the Culture Center.)

The artist of this exhibit is Kubo Shu. (His family name is Kubo. His given name is Shu.)

The exhibit was amazing! The art was so interesting and beautiful and mesmerizing and….and…great!

I was not allowed to take photos in the exhibit.

Anyway, let me tell you about “kirie,” which is a Japanese art form. The verb kiru 切る means “to cut.” I don’t know hardly anything “kirie,” but it seems the artist cuts designs into paper, revealing colors behind that paper. Thus, it is a difficult and precise artform.

Look at the postcards I bought. Below top two and bottom left were done by Kubo Shu in 2011 and they are of places in Fukushima Prefecture. The fourth (bottom right) was also done in 2011 and it is of Miyagi Prefecture, north of Fukushima. (2011 was the year the earthquake happened.)

Remember….you are looking at paper that has been CUT to make the designs!

Kubo Shu’s website is:

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