Tea Ceremony

I take Japanese lessons on Wednesday morning and Friday morning. The class are run and taught by volunteers. So EXTREMELY kind of them!!!!!!!!! I ❤ my senseis (or, using the correct plural form, my senseitachi.)

Anyway, one of my Wednesday teachers is a man who is 95 years young. He is still very genki (active, good spirits, healthy.)

He himself does not do tea ceremony, but he enjoys attending it, and he invited me to go with him. We don’t have photos of the actualy tea ceremony because it is not allowed.

He told me not to wear jewelry and so on. So I dressed in subdued colors, and nothing the least bit revealing, of course. (Not that I every do. LOL Or have ever done. LOL LOL Although I probably will tomorrow.)


The building. It used to be a bank, but now it is a tourist attraction in Fukushima City. Sometimes tea ceremony is held in this building. (Free of charge.)

The covered well. When I see a well, like this, I imagine people coming here for water–a hundred, two hundred years ago.

For what it’s worth, my ninety-five year old teacher did not have electricity when he was young. I asked him, “Which is better? Life without electricity? Or life with electricity?”

He was like, Duh. “Having electricity is better.” Duh.

I myself have never known a life without electricity or running water. (Not counting the few days after the earthquake, of course. )

I don’t particularly like modern Japanese architecture, but this old-style is charming. True everywhere in the world, I suppose.

(In one hundred years, I wonder if Americans will say, Look at that building. It used to be a Target. Isn’t it beautiful? So charming. My gramps told me at one time people used to actually shop in stores. Hard to believe.)

Afterwards, I invited him to lunch. He chose the same restaurant we ate at last time we got together.

We had a great time! Don’t be fooled by his non-smile. He actually smiles a lot and is a cheerful person.


Here’s a (chosen at random) youtube video about the art of Tea Ceremony. (In Japanese, it is The Way of Tea. Sadou. 茶道)

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