Comu Comu Children’s Library in Fukushima City

Recently I have been working on a manuscript that is set in the United States, but has some Japanese themes. I haven’t written much because I feel I have to do a lot of research to get the parts relating to Japan right. I’ve been going to the public libraries in Fukushima, checking out books for kids and reading them. (A book for adults is too difficult for me. I can read an adult book, but it would take me too long.) Children’s books are short and to the point.

One of the best libraries for children in Fukushima City is the library on the first floor of the Comu Comu Building (a large building devoted to children’s activities.)

What a modern library! It was built shortly before my family arrived here (in 2006.)

The sign says, “Yoi Ehon” “Good Picture Books”

Actually, I think these are award winners. The poster shows books which have won an award in Japan (I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of the award. I think it is sort of similar to the Caldecott.)


By the way, at the bottom of the photo above, you can see the Kamishibai books.

(If you’ve read Allen Say’s “Kamishibai Man”, you know the sort of book I am talking about.  )

Toddlers’ area

Books in English (The main library has far more, especially in its stock room.)

More library……..

Cute decorations!

There are always a theme of books on display when one enters this library. This is the theme of “Sports.”

I love the library at Comu Comu and its friendly and helpful librarians! Comu Comu is completely free of charge to visit, and it has lots more than a library (although it is all child-related.)

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