Fukushima City Train Station, West Exit

I live on the east side of the Fukushima City main train station. I think the east side is actually the more touristy side. However, if you arrive by bus or by bullet train in Fukushima City, you may arrive on the quieter west side. (To get to the east side on foot, take the stairs under the station. There’s an underpass.)

I don’t go to the west side very often, except to shop at ItoYokado (not a tourist destination! It’s a regular shopping area for people who live here. So if you want to see regular Fukushima residents buying socks and laundry detergent, it’s a good place to go.)

It’s May now and the flowers are so pretty. Train stations are often the main part of a town or city in Japan.

Not every town in Japan has a train station, though. Smaller towns may only be accessible by bus or car.

If you are a tourist, the main place you’ll want to visit is the Corasse building, the glass building in background. The reason is because it has a store devoted to products from all over Fukushima Prefecture. It’s a great place to buy presents for people. (I often shop there for people who live outside of Fukushima, but I don’t shop there for myself as it is quite gourmet and therefore rather expensive.)

The tracks on the right are the bullet train tracks.  Notice they are raised high. The bullet train starts at Tokyo, travels north to Fukushima City, and then (depending on which one you are on) veers to the north-west or goes up straight north. Yes, bullet trains are expensive, but they are fast. If you are in Japan as a tourist, try to take a bullet train at least once so you can brag about it back in your own country. 🙂

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