Futatsuyama Park in Fukushima City

It’s June, and hey, it’s gettin’ warm here in Fukushima City! I went bicycle riding yesterday. Here are photos of a city park that I visited. It is called Futatsu Yama Park.

ふたつ Futatsu= Two

やま Yama=Mountain(s)

See if you can find these words in the sign above. (Hint: They are at the top.)

You may have learned to count in Japanese: Ichi (Itchy) Ni (Knee) San (Sun)

Ni means Two.

However, the Japanese language does not use the grammar “Ni Yama” to mean “Two mountains.”

The speaker has to change the form of the number to make an adjective. Thus, “Futatsu Yama” means “Two mountain(s)” (Japanese doesn’t always use the plural form.)

The two “mountains,” I think. The green one grassy one behind the cement one.

A play area for little ‘uns.

Kids playing ball, and so on.

Off to the side… Shops and houses

It’s a rather big park.

baseball field


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