Fukushima Bus

This photos was taken in front of the east exit of Fukushima Station. There is an area where one can catch a bus.

Er—-sorry, girls and boys. Not CATCH a bus and add it to your collection of motor vehicles. No, no, no. Sorry for the misunderstanding. This is an area where one can stand and wait, and then step onto a bus and (for a fee) be taken along the bus route until one gets off at a bus stop. Is that clearer now? I hope so. Sorry to get your hopes up and cause confusion.


Most of the busses in Fukushima City do not have artwork on their sides, but a few do. The rabbit is called Momorin and she/he is Fukushima City’s mascot.

Okay, Japanese lesson time.

iriguchi (入口) Entrance

deguchi (出口) Exit

So upon looking at the photos above, can you determine which door is the entrance and which is the exit?


When is the last time you rode a bus? Let’s ride them and help the environment!

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