In the summer (and also winter), Japanese people have a tradition of giving, and receiving, gifts.

When I first came to Japan, during the last century in the days of rotary phones, and automobiles with no GPS, and airport security so lax you could get a parade of elephants through it, and–what else?  Oh, there were no self-check-out lanes at grocery stores. We used videocassettes instead of DVD’s and now we don’t even use DVD’s much any more.

Back then, Americans didn’t know anything about Japan except that we had fought a war with them. And that they were keen businesspeople. (Seriously. Manga and anime did not exist in mainstream America at all.)

Anyway, in those days, I worked in a small rural town in Chiba Prefecture. If you fly into the New Tokyo International Airport, and look down as you are landing, you’ll see it. It’s the one with the goat living behind its Town Hall.

My boss there was a woman named Ms. Sase, and she was/is very kind. She sent us these melons as our summer present! Wow! So nice!!!!!

In America, we call them honeydew melons. (I think.) In the Japanese language, they are just called メロンMeron (Melon.)

A sweet older woman lives near me. Mrs. H. owns a dog named Melon!!!!!!!!! I gave her one of the melons.

Melon is a very elderly dog with failing health.  She has no vision, but you can tell by the photograph that she was so happy to smell me!

“Nice to sniff you!”

“Nice to sniff you, too. Hope you have an aromatic day.”

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2 thoughts on “Melons

  1. In America, these are cantaloupes. Honeydew melons are very light green with smooth rinds no webbing. The meat of honeydews are a light green and not as firm as cantaloupes. Canary melons are bigger and a smooth webless bright yellow rind and can be almost as bright as orange yellow. The meat is yellow too and also softer more like the texture of honeydew melons. They are named after the bright yellow canary birds. I love melons and watermelons are some of my favorites. They can be many different colors from deep red to orange and even pale yellow. Red is still my favorite. They come as small as the personal size which is about the size of a softball all the way to the black diamond watermelons that can weigh as much as 50 or 70 lbs and occasionally more. I would love one of those. But I would eat so much of it until I would make myself sick. When it comes to my food I’m a country girl who loves all fresh produce. Vegetables and fruits would make me happy, but I don’t mind a little chicken, seafood, pork or beef occasionally.

    God be with you,



    • Interesting! But the inside is light green….that’s why I thought they were honeydews. Cantaloupes are orangey, I though? And also these may be neither honeydew or cantaloupe, but a different variety. (Maybe one in Japan.)
      Thanks, Aunt Trella!


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