2020 Torch Relay begins in Fukushima

Do you know where the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held? In Tokyo!

Preparations have already begun. A few days ago, the relay for the torch was announced. The relay will begin in Fukushima as a way of support for our beleaguered prefecture. The news article says that consideration was given to all the prefectures hit by the tsunami in 2011. (Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture had more people who were killed. However, the article says that Fukushima currently has the highest number of people who are still evacuees.)

One might think the Olympic torch is carried straight from Fukushima to Tokyo. Nope. The torch circles around the country, hitting each prefecture. Wow! I guess it has to be planned really well. Look at the map in the link (and read the article) to learn more.


It seems sad to write this news when recently there has been such terrible flooding in southern Japan. I’m thinking of those people down there as they try to put their lives back together.

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