Exhibit of Picture Book Illustrator/Writer Anzai Mizumaru at Fukushima Prefectural Art Museum

On Saturday, I went to a temporary art exhibit at the Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art (in Fukushima City.) I was very excited to see this exhibit because it is the works of a super famous Japanese illustrator. It seems that he illustrates all sorts of things, but I knew him as the illustrator of picture books. (His “Chug Chug Train” is one of THE most famous and popular picture books in Japan.)

As one can expect, photography was not allowed in the exhibit itself. This is at the end of the exhibit, at the “photo” spot.

The exhibit was large and I found it extremely interesting. I loved it! Even though I knew him for his picture books, a lot of Anzai’s work was adult-oriented–like nudes and so on. (Not picture book material, obviously.) There’s way more in the exhibit than I was familiar with.

The mural behind me in the photo above is what I know Anzai Mizumaru best for. It’s from his most famous picture book, and our libraries here in Fukushima City have copies of this picture book in English. It’s a baby/toddler book called “Chug Chug Train.” The illustrations are simple, bright, pleasing. The train brings food to the baby at the end of the book.

It’s hard to get versions of his books in English. (I just did a quick check on the internet!)

Above are some of his picture books in Japanese. (They are easy to get in Japanese in Japan, as they are so popular.)

More of his books. I believe these are more adult oriented. I was not familiar with the books in the above photo.

The exhibit is until September second, 2018. You may think, looking at the above photo, that Anzai’s style is cutesy…..

but as this photo of whiskey shows, his art is not only for babies and toddlers.

I really enjoyed the exhibit and I am so glad I had the opportunity to see it.

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