Fukushima Peaches!

My Wednesday Japanese teacher called me and told me to meet him at a specific park at a specific place at ten a.m. He told me he had something for me.

So I got there a little early and waited and listened to the cicadas:

If you want to hear the cicadas in Shinhama Park in Fukushima City, please click on the video. It’s about a minute long.

This amazing man rode to the park in our hot summer weather to give me………

Do you know what they are?

Hint: This fruit is Fukushima Prefecture’s NUMBER ONE SPECIALTY!!!!!

It’s what we are famous for.

福島=Fukushima    The Japanese is written in Chinese chacters (kanji.)

もも=Peach(es)   The Japanese is written in hiragana.

Yummy Yum Yummers…they are from his neighbor’s farm…….Yummy Yum Yummy!!!!!!!

He told me to tell people (in America) about Fukushima peaches.

We sat and chatted and I bought him two drinks from the vending machine. (One for now and one for his journey home. He told me it takes about twenty-five minutes! WHEWWWW!

It has been dangerously hot in Japan and so of course I was worried about him getting heat stroke or something….

I asked him “Are you going to stay home during the summer?” (Because it is so very hot.) He said, “No! I’m going out!” LOL He is very genki (active.)

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