Space Exhibit (Temporary) at Comu Comu Building


Do you remember the Comu Comu Building? It’s the children’s center slightly south of the train station, east exit. The one that now has a huge statue.

In the photo, I am walking towards the building. Every school holiday, the building hosts a small temporary exhibit aimed to children. I enjoy these exhibits, and try to see them. Over the years, the themes of the temporary exhibits have been so very interesting: Balloon Art, Paper Robots, Haunted House, Stag Beetles, and so on. This summer the theme is “space.”

Upon entering the first floor of the building, I noticed an area that explained about the statue out front. There was information about its artist.

We were asked to think of a nickname for the new statue…..which felt rather macabre to me. Sometimes Japan goes overboard with its mascots.

I reached the science exhibition on the fourth floor!

The earth! Let’s take care of our home!

Actual meteorites. So cool. Very interesting.

I couldn’t think of a nickname for the new statue. I heard a dad telling his daughters it was a spaceman. Maybe we’ll just go with that.

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