My parents’ pets

I don’t consider my parents huge pet lovers. But they gave birth to pet lovers who gave birth to pet lovers. (Most of these pets are my niece’s. Plus, my sister has a huge soft spot for rescuing animals in need. Cuz she is a good and kind person.)

My niece’s dog–a Lab mix–and one of her two cats.

My father says he doesn’t like cats because they eat the birds. Thus, he was the inspiration in my manuscript for Mr. Piper.

  • Graciela and Koral are looking for a cat that escaped. (Graciela was cat-sitting and was thus responsible for the cat’s well-being.)

A man was out in his yard, watering the flowers, and told them, “I hate cats, but I’ll let you know if I see her.”

“You don’t really hate cats, Mr. Piper.” Graciela wasn’t crying anymore, but her face was red.

“I’m a bird watcher, so yes. I actually do.” He pointed to one of his many bird feeders.

“I like birds, too, Mr. Piper. It’s a quandary, isn’t it?”

“You said it. Life is full of hard choices.”

“I’m just glad I don’t live in Australia. It would be even harder to like cats there since they are not an indigenous species.”

“You got that right. God bless America.”

Charlie is a GREAT dog. Very gentle, yet the sort of dog who would rescue my parents from a grizzle bear if grizzly bears lived in Texas.

Land-wise (but not population-wise) Texas is larger than Japan. I refrain from telling Japanese people that because it seems like I’m putting down their country, but I’m not. There are definite benefits to living in a compact country.

Food is up high to keep away vermin. These cats enjoy being outdoors. (They have a choice of in or out and both of them rarely come in.)

The black cat is the older cat, and also the dominant one.

Yep. He’s got an attitude. Both are very sweet, though, and will purr if you pet them. They don’t bite or scratch.

Charlie LOVES chasing balls!!!! He loves it!

Not pictured are the two little dogs. (They were probably inside. Both little dogs were given to the family by people who could not keep them. Both are extremely sweet.)


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