Barnes and Noble (Part One)

After eating my slice of quiche, I headed up the escalator to the second floor. I wanted to see the kids’ section.

The sign should say “Welcome Kids and also Writers Doing Research on What is Currently Being Sold.”

Lots of great books here! Both old and new.

Great books here, too!

I know “The Giving Tree” is a  book people love or hate. I like it. We had a copy in our house and I was entranced by it. Why was the tree giving everything away? What’s going on here? One purpose of books (other than to entertain) is to get people to think deeply and come to their own conclusions. Because Silverstein never actually (to my knowledge) explains the relationship between the tree and the boy, there are many theories. And I think that’s good. The readers are thinking and seeing how the story applies to them personally.

I went to the “L’s” to see where my future books will go. Right next to A Dash of Dragon.

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