Barnes and Noble (Part Three)

Before my regular post about my summer trip to my home in the United States, I want to update you all on the controversial “Sun Child” statue in Fukushima City. Many people did not like it, or did not like it in its location, and the news today is that it indeed WILL BE REMOVED.

My opinion?

I think the removal is a good thing. I like the statue–it’s art and it says something. But I think it is art meant for adult eyes. Therefore it should be moved to the Culture Center or an art museum.

The article above does not say EXACTLY where the statue was placed. It was placed right in front of a recreation center (called Comu Comu) for children. It’s a city-run building that houses an area for babies, a small science museum, a planetarium, a children’s library, and more. I love the Comu Comu Building. I rarely go there now, but when my son was young, I often went there.

Placing the statue in front of Comu Comu was a huge mistake. The Sun Child may be a statue of a child, but it’s not art for children. It’s horribly frightening, not something a three-year-old needs to see. (And the statue is HUGE so it’s impossible not to see it when entering either entrance of the building.)

I’d like a statue that is made FOR the children of Fukushima. FOR them and them only. (Many versions of the “Sun Child” statue have existed in the years prior to 2011. It was NOT created for Fukushima.) I’d like to see a statue of love and hope and peace and joy. Not fear and bandages and worry, which is what I think when I look at the Sun Child statue.

Moving on.

At this point, I think, we left Barnes and Noble and walked next door to the movie theater. We sat down and waited, and I wondered why nobody was there for the movie. And then my son figured out we were a full hour early. Yep, that’s what happens when you’ve got jet lag. Time has no meaning.

So we walked back to Barnes and Noble.

When the 3/11 quake hit, at that very moment, I was reading Butler’s Kindred. That’s what I was doing.

I looked at the calendars very carefully–finding the one I wanted. Finally I decided on the TEXAS calendar. (I purchased it for 2019. It’s not easy to get TEXAS calendars in Japan, even using the internet.)

I also purchased this Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market 2018. I can buy it on the internet in Japan, but I wanted to support a brick and mortars bookstore.

Next, I chose (and purchased) the Birds of Texas Guide. I myself am not a bird person. However, I needed to know some information about birds for my current manuscript. I’d researched online in Japan already, but I wanted the more trustworthy guide. And indeed, I looked through it upon arriving back in Japan, making sure the information in my manuscript is correct.  I really like this guide. I recommend it!

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