Barnes and Noble (Part Four)

Time keeps ticking into the future except when one gets bored and then it reverses itself and kind of flatlines for a while. But luckily, for moments when time has ceased, we have Ghibli.  Ghibli knows no time, no boundaries, no age.


Something that is great about Ghibli–and separates it strongly from Disney–is its strong female characters.

Oh, Totoro!

I wanted to buy this mug, and asked if I there were any left. Alas alack, it was sold out.

Gudetama is not Ghibli…but this display is authentic and makes me feel I am in Japan! I think Gudetama is an egg and so I never buy Gudetama items for my son because he hates eggs.

Time has flashed into the future! Star Wars is for when time is speeding up and the world is whizzing by.

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