Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

One thing we can not buy easily in Japan is Tex-Mex food. (read-made, like from a restaurant or fast food joint.) (One can make it oneself. I can buy taco shells, seasonings, tortillas, etc. in Fukushima City.)

Here’s what we can get where I live:

The above “taco” is the sort of thing we may be able to buy ready-made in Fukushima City.  The above photo is the Nan Taco, and it’s on Nan bread. (Bread usually eaten with Indian curry.) Right now it’s on sale at Mos Burger Fast Food Restaurant…for a limited time only. Tacos like the Nan Taco disappoint me because it’s a far cry from what I would eat in the United States.

So anyway, this photo is at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Southlake, Texas. (My sister was driving us home from the movies and from Barnes and Noble.)

Very cute.

Photos from the local high school.

Lots of choices. I know it’s not authentic Mexican food from Mexico……but I guess Tex-Mex is its own cuisine.


I was trying to eat healthy, so it was the taco salad for me.

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